Heritage walk

The buildings in the Tamil streets are characterized by rows of tiled roofed buildings almost joined together by continuous wall to wall constructions. While the older buildings more or less retain their 'Tamilness', the later constructions have acquired certain gallic features behind the Tamil facades. A synthesis of these two styles has resulted in a town that has a unique 'Franco Tamil' architectural identity.

Pondicherry Beach

This mile long walkway - reclaimed from the ocean - is the crowning glory of the city. When closed to vehicular traffic, from 5pm to 7am every day, it transforms into a social hub. Health enthusiasts, foodies, families, kids on an assortment of wheels and tourists alike converge on this stretch for a dose of clean air salted by the cooling breeze of the bay of Bengal.

Cycle rickshaw rides

The most obvious legacy of Pondicherry’s colonial past is the French and Tamil quarters of town, separated by a canal. While the town can be explored on foot, a ride with a knowledgeable cycle rickshaw wallah is much more fun and will take you to places you might otherwise miss. And of course they know all the best places for a tasty roadside snack and cup of steaming chai.

Auroville Charter

Auroville was designed by the French architect Roger Anger. Auorville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities.

Manakular Vinayakar Temple

Temple was in existence before the French came and settled in pondicherry i.e. before 1666. It has a golden spire and wall portraying forty different form of Ganesha. There is also a temple elephant, Lakshmi, who give blessings to the devotees.

Scuba diving

Dive into the sea, and experience the thrill of Scuba Diving of India's East Coast! Pondicherry has amazing areas of beautiful untouched natural coral reefs, packed with marine life. Experience this for yourself and get your own under the sea picture for your wall or photo album.